Doi Chiang Dao Biosphere Reserves.

Doi Chiang Dao Biosphere Reserve or Doi Luang Chiang Dao is located in the area of responsibility of Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary. Normally, it is open for online booking in October and open for trekking from November to Febuary of every year.

This content update : 20/10/2023. This year open 09/11/ 2023 – 07/02/2024. Registration betaween 23/10/2023 – 29/10/2023 (only 7 days) register by your self  23/10/2023 08.00am at :

Details from the past year Interested parties (natural science students) book online through the link specified by Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary in October. Limited to 100 people/day. After booking, you have to transfer money to confirm. The booking rights cannot be changed by name or surname. And if canceled, no refund In case of booking and transferring money to confirm, wait for training (training before going up Doi Luang Chiang Dao 1 day). If not trained, will not be allowed to go up Doi Luang Chiang Dao. After training, you will have the right to go up according to the rules and regulations set by Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary.

The booking process and regulations change every year. Interested parties can follow the news and details through the page Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary The above conditions do not facilitate foreign tourists. In case of foreign tourists, we recommend alternative activities such as hiking or trekking at Doi Kham Fah by having a licensed tour company in the area to provide trips.

Prohibition in wildlife sanctuary and Non-burnting area. Do not make fires , No Cooking (Grill , fry) , No Using Drone , No taking any media for commercial.

No feeding wild animals , No hunting , Do not take any objects from the forest  , No blaring , Do not cut trees , Do not burn forest , Do not Gamble , Do not bring pets in the forest , Do not drink algoholic  beverages , No littering , Chemicals are prohibited , No wet wipes.

Do not pour or spit any liquid on the ground. (put all waste in the garbage bag/bottle and deposit upon return) 

Guideline for foreigner Nature Studies

6 Steps for registration (Trekking Day) at Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary.

Document submission : Prepare 3 things Chiang Dao wildlife sanctuary permit , identification card / passport , certified training card. Note : registration in person only.

Payment for the admission fee | tent and facility fee : Foreiger 400 baht/person ,tent and facility fee 30 baht/tent (option : bring your won tent) Note : pls keep the receipt with you all the times.

Get your personal urine | and camping gear : personal urine/stool bag , get renting camping gear (sleeping bag , gas cans , cooking rtensils)

 Rubbish check | payment for rubbish deposit : prohibited items checking , disposable items checking (example : plastic bottle) + payment for rubbish deposit 500 baht /person (Refund the deposit when bring all garbages back)

weighing your luggages (for porter service only) : Advance booking from staff on training day (pay directly to your porter on the return date)

Transportation (pick up) : provided by rannger from office to trekking start station , check for the receipt at the check point on the way.

on return date (rubbish checking) return camping gear , bring your rubbish for checking and receive your deposit back.

Recommended trekking equipment at Doi Chiang Dao.

Glove for climbring , Hiking shoes , Head torch for climbring on the way to watch sunset/sunrise , raincoat , overcoat , sock 2 pairs , trekking pole , garbags bag (collact all the rubbish in the bag and deposit upon return) , medicine (personal necessities ) , water 3-4 liter for drink and use , food 5 meal converniance food ready to eet meal.