Doi Kham Fah at Pha Daeng National Park.

Doi Kham Fah is located in the area of Pha Daeng National Park, which is the headquarters of the Mae Ngai Watershed Management Unit. The forest is a pine forest (planted forest). 

The peak has an altitude of 1,834 meters above sea level. There are tent areas and beautiful viewpoints for sunrise and sunset. It is another recommended tourist attraction. In addition, in the inner unit (the original unit), there is another place to see the beautiful cherry blossoms flowers bloom in January.

Doi Kham Fah offers various activities, such as hiking, bird watching, mountain biking, star photography, or even camping to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Normally, Doi Kham Fah is open all year round, but it is closed for some periods, such as during the haze and forest fire season, or closed for forest restoration according to the regulations of the Department of National Parks. In this case, tourists should inquire for more information before traveling at Pha Daeng National Park.

For those who are interested in Private Hiking activities, you can contact the local tour companies that have a license to operate tourism business and have guides and accident insurance according to the Department of Tourism regulations.