DoiLuang Chiang Dao. 9Nov.2023 – 7Feb.2024.

Rule 9Nov.2023 – 7Feb.2024
1.Register online  between 23 – 29 Oct 2023 only (7 days).
Start 8.00am at:
2. Limit of 100 persons/day and limit 1 night only.
2. 1 Booking per 5 persons.
4. Training before 1 day. That means your booking 3 Dec please training 2 Dec.
5. Drop every Wednesday That means every Wednesday you can’t book.
The season will start from November 9, 2023 to Febuary 7, 2024 Register & booking online between October 23, 2023 and October 29 , 2023.
Deposit must be transfer with in 24 hours .If you do not transfer money, it is considered a waiver after register & booking to confirmed of rights. All registrants must attend a day training prior going up to Doi Luang Chiang Dao.
All reservations cannot change the name of the person who is in the booking and must bring indetification card and/or passport to prove name. There will be no refund in the case of cancelation or no show.
The registration& booking does not facilitate foreign tourists who are not reside in Thailand as it is complicated to process.

Expenses that must be paid on the day of booking 

Guide Fee 200 baht/person ( local guide takecare 1:10)

Transportation Fee up to the starting point (1car : 5)

Share the cost of the car 560 baht/person  , Pay Private 2,800 baht 

Training Fee 100 baht/person

Accident insurance Fee 100 baht/person

Garbage management 10 baht/person

Reservation and system maintenance fees 50 baht/person

Payment for Ecosystem service 500 baht/person 

Emergency excretion kit serice Fee 250 baht/person

Rent Camping Gear

Tent 300 baht , Field gas stove 100 baht , Sleeping pad 50 baht. (Receive and return at Camp ground)

Field pot 80 ฺBaht , Canned gas 60 baht , Sleeping bag 100 baht. (Receive and return at Check poit)

Expenses on baggage check day at (check point) Prepare the required amount of cash (not change)

Area entry fee for foreigners 400 baht/person (Under 14 years old 200 baht/person)

Garbage deposit 500 baht/person


Poter fee :490 baht (supports 7 kilokgrams) 

Bring your own tent 30 baht/person

However guide SunTan is a licensed local guide who can assist you. There will be additional fee when hiring a guide to organize your booking but will be less complication to the process especially for foreign tourist. 
Please specify the date you would like to make a booking and the back up date incase of the day you want is not available so he can book you for the back up date.
Transfer fund in full as per package  days 1 nights price. The package includes accommodation for training day, camping equipment, water, food and various service fees. It is also include the accident insurance.
Please send us the passport photo of each person who joining the trip. There will be minimum of 2 people and maximum of 4 people in private trip with guide SunTan.
All these steps must be done prior the booking date is open. There will be a full refund including fees as received via PayPal in the case of unable to booking.