Khao Soi Chiang Dao

Khao Soi at Chiang Dao.

Khao Soi (thai coconut curry noodle soup) from northen thailand.

Hailing from Aunt Toi’s kitchen, this variety of home-made Khao-Soi is an incredibly flavoursome and aromatic variation of one of Thailand’s most popular northern dishes. A deliciously rich and tender braised chicken/beef coconut curry, served with egg noodles, lime, shallots, coriander and mustard greens, all served in generous portions.
There are hundreds of Khao Soi variations to try and this one is not to be missed, with fresh ingredients all cooked up in a local Chiang Dao style, at the price of roughly a dollar.

This particularly healthy Thai style fast-food is very popular with locals and visitors alike, and
for those with a sensitive palette you will be pleased to know this Khao Soi can be served near non spicy, offering you the chance to experience and enjoy this signature dish comfortably within a very local and humble setting.

Aunty Toi’s Khao Soi restaurant is located next to the Chiang Dao tourism hub. A “must try” for all visitors to Chiang Dao.

Map : Khao Soi at Chiang Dao.