Chiang Dao Hot Spring

Hot spring at Baan Yang Pu Tao village.

The best activities for relaxing after hiking and clycling at chiang dao. Found within a rich and fertile natural surrounding you will discover Yang Puu Toh hot-spring situated near the entrance of Yang Puu Toh wildlife research station. Here you will also find a picturesque natural stream that runs aside the basins, offering up chances to witness the grace and beauty of exotic and colourful Butterflies, iridescent Bees and magnificent Dragonflies. This lush green space is nothing short of paradise and can be accessed 24 hours per day 7 days a week. Journey time is about 10 minutes from Chiang Dao town centre if travelling by car/motorbike, the hot-spring is also accessible on a bicycle.

Yang Puu Tao Thai/Japanese built hot-spring is a spiritually rejuvenating and friendly meeting place for locals and Hill Tribe people, so expect to be greeted by fun and welcoming characters of all ages who willingly engage and share stories and information about their unique and special town. Of course you may also be greeted by fellow travellers in this welcoming atmosphere.

The busiest times are generally evenings and long weekends, with weekdays and night-time being the quietest. 

Be sure to bring a towel as there are no changing rooms, however nature does provide various rocks and trees to hide behind.

With varying temperatures from very hot (caution) to warm (child friendly) there are several basins perfect for one or two people to fully submerge, however don’t be surprised to see whole groups sitting at one basin just soaking their legs and feet.

Appropriately sharing basins with other users is common place, make sure to ask first and always behave with respect and dignity.

The basins are easily accessible for able bodied individuals, however lesser abled and old aged individuals who struggle on their feet will require some assistance.

As there is no dedicated lighting, bring caution when visiting during the night, the uneven ground may bring risk of injury for those who are not careful.

Here you will also find on-site pop-up shops serving hot and cold local food alongside various beverages, usually open on weekdays.

These hot springs are freely open to the public, though some engage in picking up any litter as they leave, it is great way to give something back while maintaining it’s beauty (do your bit 😉 

In all Yang Puu Tao hot-spring is a sacred, abundant and natural space offering travellers a chance to relax, refresh and unwind in Chiang Dao’s very own garden of Eden.

Map : Hot Spring at Baan Yang Po Tao.