iChiangDao Meeting Point

Chiang Dao Tourist information centre.

Chiang Dao is a quiet town where the marjority people living withargriculture . You will find that this town comes alive primarily on Tuesday morning and Thursday evening markets, where many people come out to shop, trade, and socialize. During holidays and special occasions, numerous tourists get excited about the beautiful natural scenery, especially Chiang Dao Mountain. However, that charm only lasts for a short period of time. It won’t be long before you feel bored if you don’t know why you came here.
This town is suitable for people who are genuinely looking to relax and travelers with clear objectives such as hiking, bird watching, cycling, or photography enthusiasts who enjoy capturing the beauty of flowers, butterflies, and stargazing at night. 
Engaging in these activities will make you fall in love with this town even more. It will open up new experiences and perspectives with friendly locals, leaving you impressed and wanting to come back again.
The centre is a one stop service for a free advice and information you need to help planing a perfect trip at Chiang Dao. Accomodations are available and Camping gears ,  Motorcycles , Mountain bikes rental services.
All tours and Local guides are fully-licence operated at iChiangDao Meeting Point.