Bird Watching

Bird watching and Bird photography at Chiang Dao.

The bird watching area of Chiang Dao was originally popular for bird watching at Wat Tham Pha Plong and the Pha Tung cliff butterfly watching area because it is quiet, has many birds, and is easily accessible. Another place is the Khun Huai Mae Kok Forest Protection Unit, which is called “Den Ya Khat Huai Kha” in the local language. The prominent birds are the Great Hornbill, the Crested Serpent Eagle, and the White-rumped Shama. Currently, Chiang Mai has become more popular due to the trend of the Great Hornbill, a rare bird in Thailand that can be easily found in Chiang Mai. Another place that has gained popularity is Doi Kum Fa because it has a forest and birds similar to Den Ya Khat Huai Kha but is easier to access. It’s more convenient for both travel and use of space.” best spot for Bird watching and Bird Photography trip at Chiang Dao. Recommend two destinations in Chiang Dao. 
1. Doi Kham Fah is located in Pha Daeng National Park and features the Pine tree forest (summit 1,834 msl.) Birds highlights: Mrs Hume’s Pheasant , Silver Pheasant  , Giant Nuthatch , Long-tailed Broadbill  , Silver-breasted Broadbill  , Red-headed Trogon , White-capped Redstart  , Silver-eared Mesia , and more…
2. Muang Khong is located in Chiang Dao district on the Tang and Khong rivers. Bird hilights: Crested Kingfisher , Common Kingfisher , Banded Kingfisher , Blue Pitta , Hooded Pitta , Black-backed Forktail , White-tailed Robin , Common Green Magpie ,  Orange-breasted Trogon , Dusky Broadbill , Greater Yellownape  , Scaly Thrush , and more… 
Bird watching & Bird Photography trip.
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