chiang dao night market

Chiang Dao walking street.

Chiang Dao walking street (night market)

Chiang Dao introduces it’s very own walking street in the heart of central Chiang Dao, cooking up a small taste of what Chiang Dao has to offer, set in a vibrant atmosphere.

Abuzz an and electric ambiance against a backdrop of colourful pop-up shops, you’ll be sure to find a bustling crowd of friendly locals, fellow travellers and visitors.
Chiang Dao walking street offers up the chance to try a variety of home-made local cuisine, sweet and savoury street food and dishes, all bursting with flavour. You will also find tasty northern Thai food and exotic snacks you are unlikely to find anywhere else in Thailand or the world, giving you a chance to open your mind and step out of your comfort-zone into a new cultural culinary experience.

While the walking street is mostly food centric, you will alternatively find shops offering Thai jewellery, crafts, clothes and other goods. Familiar western dishes are also served alongside various beverages, coffee and beer.
Some stalls are subject to change so expect to see new and interesting pop-up shops every few weeks.

At night the market is especially vibrant, providing the perfect venue to end your day.

You will be able to visit Chiang Dao walking street during the high season – every Thursday from November to January.
All other months, during low season – 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month, February to September.

Chiang Dao walking street begins at (5PM) and finishes by (8PM)

As a visitor to Chiang Dao you don’t want to miss the walking street as it is one of many rich experiences this town has to offer.