Chiang Dao tuesday market.

Chiang Dao tuesday market. (Morning market at chiang dao every tuesday)

Most travellers are in search of memorable, adventurous, new and exotic experiences. If this describes you, you have come to the right place as Chiang Dao is full of these kinds of authentic Thai experiences you cannot find anywhere else; Chiang Dao Tuesday  market being no exception.

Every Tuesday from 6am until 12pm, a diverse crowd of locals and visitors fall into Chiang Dao town centre in a very traditional gathering. The Tuesday market is a happy and special social occasion, and one of many places where you can experience the wonderful energy and spirit of the local Chiang Dao people. This market is also special due to it’s convenience, where merchants of food, clothes, products and produce converge together into one place, bringing essential and exotic goods one cannot so easily find otherwise at incredibly low prices.

The market covers a vast area of Chiang Dao town centre making it a unique and exceptional market drawing in not only local Lana and hill tribe people, it draws in visitors from Chiang Mai and other neighbouring areas as well, adding to a real and authentic salt of the earth kind of grit you won’t find anywhere else, where delicious food, fresh ingredients and a whole host of useful, quality home-made (and otherwise) products and crafts await buyers that are sure to be satisfied given many make the journey here every week. 

The market is scheduled to finish at 12pm, though some merchants continue trading into the early afternoon. However we do recommend that you visit this particular event as early as you can to become part of colourful mingling crowd of friendly and energetic people, in an exciting, cheerful and welcoming atmosphere.

Chiang Dao Tuesday market: Every Tuesday – 6am-12pm 

Map : Chiang Dao Tuesday Market.