Hua Thung Water Spring

Water Spring at Baan Hua Thung Village.

Nam-Ook-Jaak-Roo or Nam-Ook-Roo (Water out of the hole), Ban Hua Thung, this tourist attraction looks like a waterfall, but in fact it is water that bursts out of a large cave hole. The water flows from high to low and pushes up a large amount of water overflowing through the rock layer, making it look like a beautiful waterfall.

This place is mysterious and believed to be the sacred place of the village. The water is only available from late rainy season to early winter (October-January). The water is not deep, you can play in the water and take pictures.

The atmosphere is shady and suitable for relaxation. It is a sacred place and there is a meditation center next to it. Ladies should not wear bikinis. T-shirts and long pants are best to respect the place. Tourists can ride bicycles there.

Suitable for cycling routes. Ban Hua Thung is an eco-tourism village. You can also learn about the community’s way of life.

Map : Water Spring at Baan Hua Thung.