June 8, 2023

No148 Cafe By Ramingtea.

We are planting Assam Tea at around 1,186 acers at an altitude of 1,000meters above sea level. We are using organic farming methods (Rustic shade grown, planted in rows facing East for the first light of the day and under sheading of big tress (under shade grown). The tea will produce antioxidants that can reserve the natural aroma and full flavor for a longer time, thus bringing out the unique scent of Single Origin. Currently, Raming tea plantation is at Mae Ping Watershed Forest Area that still maintains rich eco-system 100%.
Shop 148 Café By Raming Tea, We serving Raming Tea with our own special unique tea and organic coffee. All with good taste and aroma. We are also serve simple delicious dishes which some menu serving with our own recipe tea sauce such as pizza, toast , waffles and many more varieties menu to enjoy.
Open : 8am – 5pm
Facebook Page : No 148 Cafe by RamingTea 
Location : No 148 Cafe