Bamboo Community Forest Trail.

Reasons to support the community Forest.

In Chiangdao District there are many local policies to manage the forest. Doi Luang Chiangdao (Doi Chiangdao Biosphere Reserves) located in Chiangdao Wildlife Sanctuary is normally closed to protect wildlife but is open for nature studies for 3-4 months (November to February) after which it is closed to protect wildlife and reduce risk of fire.

Phadaeng National Park at Chiangdao is open all year but sometimes closed around March – April to reduce risk of fire due to lack of staff to supervise tourists as they are out protecting the forest.

It is difficult to organize hiking trips because of changes to government forest management policies.

Everyone in the local community helps to manage and maintain firebreaks which is carried out daily.

I absolutely want to support the local community so I can organize hiking and birdwatching all year with some money being paid to the community to assist with fire risk management and protection of wildlife.

Why can’t visitors enter the forest without a guide?

Entrance with a guide is required due to government policy. A guide has knowledge and experience of the forest and also its people and culture.

The guide will protect visitors and keep them safe from hunters and forest fires.

The local community have radios to provide help and support as required.

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